Business System Review 3: Geckoboard

We all want our business to be more efficient and productive. With the changes in technologies nowadays, it’s easier than ever for us to do this. There are different platforms for us to choose from but the issue here with these many options, which one to choose? We, the team, at Cashflow+Networks believe that as a one-stop source for everyone who wants to achieve their visions, we should educate public of this issue.

We have personally reviewed lots of business apps and since then compiled a list of essential business system that every businesses should use, which we personally use at Cashflow+Networks.

With every review, you can find our strategic partner who can help or assist you with setting up your business with the business system or to answer your queries.

Here is this week Business System Review:

Geckoboard – Your Real Time Business Dashboard

We educate our clients about the importance of knowing your KPIs. We need to know our numbers and not only that we need to know and focus on the numbers that matter to our business.

Geckoboard is the tool that we’ve used that gives us the visualisation of our most important data, beautifully, simply, and in real time. With 109 services you can connect, ie. Google Calendar, Gmail, Facebook Page, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, etc. It is important for us to know what is the important numbers and how to measure it and then monitor it. We need to create it as automatic as possible and hence, thumbs up for the team at Geckoboard.

Geckoboard Website:

Our strategic partner:

Mr Christopher Emmanuel
T: +61 2 9037 3812
A: Level 2, Unit 7, 7-29 Bridge Road, Stanmore NSW 2048






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