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Christopher Emmanuel is not your usual accountant. He is a fully trained, qualified and practicing Accountant, members of Institute of Public Accountant and CPA Australia; completing his Masters of Business Administration majoring in Professional Accounting in 2003 and working in the industry prior to this and ever since. But to confine his work to accounting alone seriously misses some fascinating areas of expertise he revels in whilst helping his clients.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]A few things in particular make Christopher an accountant with a massive difference. For one, he has an irrepressible passion for new information technologies. He is constantly learning and embracing the latest cutting edge trends in IT. This is a huge bonus for Christopher’s accounting clients, as he consults on how to integrate the latest technology trends in their business. His expertise helps streamline their current practices, this improves the efficiency and security of their account keeping and operating systems and increases productivity and profits.

Christopher continuously learns new strategy to help client’s improve their business and update himself with the rules and regulation to make sure his clients’ never missed important updates so they are always comply with the latest rules and regulations.

Christopher also brings to his work a passion for teaching and inspiring people to take control of their destiny. He knows entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but also sees it as the most powerful tool we have to shape our future and fulfill our dreams. His intricate knowledge of finance in business means he can immediately see his clients inside figure and give them realistic financial goals to achieve, whilst maximizing their bottom line.

Engaging his accounting and entrepreneurial skills; Christopher coaches his clients to take control of their financial destiny. In doing this, he is helping his client to create financial stability and freedom.

Christopher Emmanuel is the founder and principal of Cashflow+Networks, a Business Accountancy Advisory practice based in Haymarket, NSW, which was established for more than 10 years.

At Cashflow+Networks, we aim to provide not only basic compliance services but to tailor our service to our client’s needs by giving massive value-added service as well.

As an accountant we have the advantage over other business coaches as we have client’s inside informations, we could educate our client to better understand their business so they can make improvement where needed and take a much better informed strategic decision.

Our vision:

To be recognized as the one-stop-source for everyone who wants to achieve their visions.

Our mission:

Everyday we help our clients to move from where they are now to where they want to be by helping them maximizing their:

  1. Wealth;
  2. Profit;
  3. Cash-Flow;
  4. Work-life balance

Our values:

Loyalty | Integrity | Team-Work | Commitment | Excellence

He can be contacted at:

Cashflow+Networks | T: +61 2 9037 3812 | E: | A: Level 2, Unit 7, 7-29 Bridge Road, Stanmore NSW 2048[/text_block]


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